Vix is a young kit fox who lives in the American Southwest with her mother and younger brothers. Her desire to explore – coupled with her stubborn, unending curiosity – will lead her on great adventures and into even greater trouble.
  Odol is a barn owl with a nefarious plot. He’s not above snatching up young foxes in order to further his goals.
  Tyrell is a stellar’s jay with a stellar voice. Being slow to trust and quick to anger hasn’t gotten him many friends, but at the very least his singing is highly respected.
  A magically enhanced monster formed out of the earth. This thing is bad news and somehow connected to the mysterious Odol the owl.
  The vultures are wise and kind, but not very good at holding a conversation that isn’t about death. It’s all they know and other animals avoid them because of it.
  Dozz is a lumpy old lizard and a wizard of nature magic. He created the prison that the rock monster was held in.